About Us

Spotty Pig Gifts is based in the South of England in Hampshire, and specialises in handmade, personalised, made to order jewellery, gifts and accessories. 

                                                                    My story

In 2015 whilst working at a jewellers, I had a nagging desire to create and sell my own jewellery. I began by making silver wire rings and selling them on Ebay and Etsy, and I then went on to make hand stamped necklaces. The sales really took off so I decided to properly set up my own business full time. I was so pleased as customers were contacting me to say how happy they were with what they'd bought, and saying that they were comforted by having their family names on a necklace close to their heart. I loved that the things I was creating could make people so happy and have so much meaning to them. I wanted my business name to reflect that happiness, so I thought about what makes me smile, and one of the things that has always done that is taking my children to see the giant pigs in the nearby New Forest rolling around in the muddy streams. They look like they are having the time of their life without a care in the world and you can't help but smile. So that is how I came up with the name "Spotty Pig Gifts". It's important to have our little pieces of happiness in life!

After leaving the jewellers and focusing on Spotty Pig Gifts full time, as well as raising my children, I had more time to add new products such as personalised wedding garters, cufflinks, pictures, books, earrings and more. I make each item by hand when you place your order and I always reliably post in the timeframe shown on the shipping page. I have sold many thousands of products on both Etsy and Ebay and you can see under my user name on both "Spottypiggifts" that I am a top rated seller with top reviews so you can be safe in the knowledge that I will provide a good service to you.

For my hand stamped jewellery I begin with a sheet of metal and after cutting, stamping, drilling, sanding, polishing, enhancing the lettering and coating in protective wax, I add any other components, and your piece of jewellery is ready to send. My sterling silver wired jewellery is measured, cut, wrapped, sized and finished to the order requirements.

 Materials used are of a high quality. The especially sourced non tarnish aluminium that I use for a large amount of the hand stamped items is hypo-allergenic, lightweight and durable, and is known to be less likely to cause skin reactions than sterling silver. It is coated with a protective wax which is designed and used by British museums. I purchase my Sterling Silver chains from a top London company who are well known for their high standards in the jewellery industry. My rings are made from anti-tarnish treated Sterling Silver wire. All of my items are made to order and I am very organised so always ensure things are not held up, even at the very busy times.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance, and I would be happy to do my very best to fulfil any custom requests that you may have to make your item special to you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Just click the 'Contact Us' tab.